The city of Beihai is located at the southern end of Guangxi
and the northeast bank of Beibu Gulf . It covers a total area of 3,337 sq.
kilometers. Its population is 1.36 million, among them, the urban population is
500.000. Backed by the great southwest region of China , it faces the Southeast Asia,
with Guangdong province, Hainan island, Hong Kong , Macao and Vietnam close by. Today, Beihai's geographical advantages are becoming more and more distinct in the economic development of China 's southwest region, and Asia-Pacific region as well. In 1984, Beihai became one of the first 14 coastal port cities further opened to the outside world. Since the policy of reform and opening-up to the outside world was adopted, Beihai has had a great leap forward in its development and a rich, beautiful, civilized garden like modernized port city is now coming into shape.

Beihai has abundant tourism resources of which oceanic tourism resource shows predominant position. A perfect oceanic tourism system is composed of seawater, beach, islands, ocean treasure, mangrove forests, coral, ocean civilization, beach sports and shipping liners. Since 1984, tourism industry of Beihai develops rapidly and it was approved as a key tourism city in 1988. Today, Beihai has become an important seaside tourism city in the south of China .
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